Probation Violations

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In most instances, if you are offered probation you are literally being offered a ‘get out of jail free card.’ Rather than face a prison sentence you will be closely monitored by the State. If you act out and violate the terms set forth on your probation, then you could be faced with the original conviction of jail time and much worse. When you are under probation you will be monitored by the State as well as a probation officer. You will be expected to follow the rules and regulations which can include regular meetings, rehabilitation and other forms of treatment.

Nellie L. King, P.A. represents clients that are faced with violating their probation. If you have been accused of this, then contact her team today to set up a free initial consultation and to discuss what the best strategy for you is.

Probation to Prison

Some of the things that you can expect when on probation include:

  • regular meetings with your assigned probation officer
  • payment of certain fines according to a schedule
  • refraining from drugs and alcohol and regular unscheduled drug testing
  • attending scheduled meetings and appointments with counselors
  • remaining out of trouble with the law

In order to be placed on probation you will also need to have a regular place of employment as well as a valid home address. If you do disobey any of the terms in your probation, such as if you fail a drug test or if you miss a meeting with your parole officer, then this can result in you returning to court and possibly being sent to prison.

Avoiding Prison Time

Whether you have worked with Nellie L. King before on your first arrest or whether you are looking for an expert that specializes in probation violation for the first time, you’ve come to the right place. The thing about parole violations is that there are a number of defense tactics and situations where the violation could be justified. For example, the drug testing equipment may have been faulty; the arresting officer may have used illegal search and seizure to warrant your arrest; you may have been sick in hospital and thus unable to attend a meeting.

South Florida Criminal Defense Attorney

Probation is a very popular option in Florida. In fact, the probation rate is much higher than the incarceration rate with nearly 160,000 people on probation across the state of Florida in 2007. Every situation is different and thus requires an individualized defense tactic. Don’t accept a prison sentence without a fight. Contact Nellie L. King, P.A. at 561-833-1084 or fill out a form on the side of this page.