Florida College Student Defense Lawyer

Florida College Student Defense Lawyer

Florida College Student Defense Attorney

If you’re enrolled in college or university and were recently arrested or facing charges, it’s understandable to feel immensely stressed. You’re likely worrying about how this may affect your education in addition to the potential criminal penalties. Don’t hesitate to meet with a Florida college student defense lawyer about your case. They can listen to your circumstances and explain your legal options.

At the Law Offices of Nellie L. King, we understand how difficult facing criminal charges can be. Our experienced, compassionate attorney is prepared to do everything possible to protect your career, reputation, and future.

Florida College Student Defense Lawyer

What Does a College Student Defense Lawyer Do?

Those seeking higher education require legal representation and advice from a skilled professional when facing or accusations of crimes or misconduct within the academic sphere. A college student defense attorney is trained and experienced in defending these individuals.

Student defense lawyers are qualified to help university and college students who require counsel as defendants against criminal charges. They may also help individuals with matters concerning violations of their school’s code of conduct, like cheating and plagiarism. When students are arrested for engaging in protests, they may face criminal charges as well as punishment levied by their educational institutions.

Additional Repercussions of a College Student Conviction

Local college and university students alike may face criminal charges during their time on campus or while actively enrolled. While students can be charged with a variety of crimes, among the most frequently reported on college campuses include DUIs (including drug-impaired driving), drug possession, assault, and sexual assault.

Other common offenses are underage possession of alcohol, indecent exposure, theft, burglary, and felony charges regarding false identification (fake ID cards). Being charged with a crime is a serious matter that leaves you vulnerable to possible punishments such as jail time, costly fines, or the need to register as a sex offender. However, students are also at potential risk of disciplinary consequences from their academic institutions.

Students enrolled at a higher education institution, if convicted of unlawful conduct, are subject to punishment, including the loss of scholarships, loss of federal financial assistance, a marred permanent scholastic record, revoked degrees, academic suspension or expulsion, any additional repercussions for violating the code of conduct, and other possible restrictions or penalties that their school is able and inclined to administer against them.

College defense lawyers are there to minimize or prevent the damage a criminal conviction can have on a young person’s future, including severe changes or limitations to their prospective career. Young students are often already overwhelmed, likely facing their first criminal charge or serious brush with the law, and may be far from home and their families.

Legal Proceedings for Collegiate Crime in FL

Upon retaining a college student defense attorney in Florida, your lawyer will help you prepare for the pretrial hearing. This entails investigating the charges against you, speaking with any apparent witnesses, gathering evidence, and building a defense, among other steps. After your pretrial hearing, the county judge overseeing the case will usually review both parties’ information and arguments to determine what evidence, if any, is viable for use in trial.

Often during this time, or even before, many cases will be resolved and the charges dismissed if the judge finds that there is not enough admissible evidence to conduct a criminal trial. If this does not happen, another option available for many non-violent offenses (e.g., drug possession, some DUI cases) is pretrial diversion, which is somewhat similar to probation in that the student is subject to supervision and applicable requirements for a period of time.

Eligibility and the requirements for this program will vary by county, but generally, if the student completes the pretrial diversion program, prosecutors will normally dismiss the charges. For violent offenses, there is the option of deferred adjudication probation. This approach has advantages and disadvantages.

The main benefit is that if the probation period is completed successfully, the judge will typically dismiss the charges against the student, and there is no record of them being convicted. The con is that many times, there will be a concurrent parallel academic proceeding with several rules, frequently resembling administrative driver’s license hearings following a DUI. Fortunately, a college student lawyer can help the defendant during these matters as well.


Q: What Defenses Could Be Useful When a College Student Is Arrested?

A: There are several defensive arguments and strategies available for college and university students arrested and subsequently charged with an offense. In some cases, the charges could be dismissed by the judge or the prosecutor prior to reaching trial. Additionally, one of the most effective defenses is arguing that there is a lack of sufficient evidence and/or credible witnesses to prove that the apparent crime occurred.

Q: What Happens if I’m Convicted While in College?

A: The consequences of being convicted as a college student will vary case by case. Each criminal charge has different penalties, which are often harsher for violent offenses. In addition to penalties under the law, academic punishments also vary by school and offense.

Your student criminal defense lawyer will work to minimize the severity of your charges and, thus, your punishment by highlighting your strengths and accomplishments as well as questioning the weight of the prosecution’s evidence. They could also attempt to come to an agreement with the prosecution.

Q: How Much Are Lawyer Fees for College Student Defense in FL?

A: The cost of lawyer fees for a college student criminal defense case can’t be estimated without knowing the details of the case, as each defendant faces different charges and is under different circumstances. Costs for legal services vary and will depend on the severity of the charge, how complex the case is, and the student’s unique situation. The ideal way to get an accurate estimate of attorney expenses is by consulting with a defense lawyer about your case.

Speak With a Florida College Student Defense Lawyer

Don’t panic if you’re worried about your education and future when facing criminal charges at college. By taking your case to the Law Offices of Nellie L. King, you can trust that your academic career is in capable hands. Contact us today to schedule a meeting.

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