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Presentations and Speeches

November 2015 – The keynote address will focus on the White House Clemency Initiative. Nellie L. King, a criminal defense attorney in West Palm Beach, who serves on the board of National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, will provide information about the bipartisan effort and the project’s race against the clock.

July 2012 – NACDL Statwide Criminal Justice Network Symposium, San Francisco, CA – Presented “Juvenile Justice Reform Measures: Graham on the Ground”

June 2012 – FACDL Annual Meeting, Naples, FL – Presented “FACDL:  The Past, Present and Future”

May 2012 – Nova Southeastern University Law School Alumni Meeting, West Palm Beach, FL – Presented “The John Goodman Trial: A Civil and Criminal Perspective”

February 2012 – NACDL Midwinter Meeting & Seminar, Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Presented “Beyond Registration: Collateral Consequences of a Sex Crime Conviction”

February 2012 – Palm Beach County Criminal Justice Academy, West Palm Beach, FL – Presented “The Nature of the Private Criminal Defense Practice”

March 2010 – Leadership Palm Beach County, West Palm Beach, FL – Presented on Criminal Justice Issues for Law
Enforcment and Public Safety Day

November 2009 – FACDL Sentencing Seminar, Sandestin, FL – Presented “Advocating for Alternatives to Prison”

June 2004 – Palm Beach County Drug Court, West Palm Beach, FL – Presented Graduation Address to Program Participants

November 2003 – Florida Association of Licensed Investigators Meeting, West Palm Beach, FL – Presented “Defending Abuse Cases” 

Publications and Editorships

2009-2010 – Editor, The Defender Magazine, the statewide publication of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (FACDL).  The Defender Magazine enjoys  extensive publication, distirbuted to 2,000 members and all Florida criminal court judges.

“More than Just the Ocean Separates Us: The Haitian Language Divide,” Published in The Defender Magazine, Summer 2005

“Unique Legal Issues Facing the Deaf Defendant,” Published in The Defender Magazine, Spring 1999