Nellie L. King represented this man who was facing life in prison. After serving 42 months the charges were dismissed entirely. Mrs. King was relentless in her fight to win this case, working with 7 judges (including 1 who was recused), intense pretrial motion work, and tireless efforts to uncover the motive behind it all,  it finally came to an climactic end – the Judge (number 7) let Mr.Omomowo walk out of the courthouse, instead of being processed out. “Jurisdiction on this case was tough – Broward County, Florida” stated Mrs. King

Below is the Sun-Sentinel Article About This Case:

Coconut Creek preschool teacher who spent three years in jail awaiting trial on child molestation charges was freed Tuesday after prosecutors announced they were dropping the cases.

Olakunle Omomowo, 42, was arrested in June 2013, accused of inappropriately touching four girls who were enrolled at the Discovery Preschool Center. Prosecutors told Broward Circuit Judge Lisa Porter on Tuesday that they would not be moving forward with the cases, but did not elaborate.

A Broward jury last year found Bright Horizons, the parent company that operates the Discovery Preschool Center, liable for failing to adequately protect the girls. But that verdict had no effect on the criminal case. Omomowo faced life in prison if convicted.

“Ola is factually innocent,” said his lawyer, Nellie King. “After 43 months of intense investigation and litigation by the defense, the State Attorney’s Office finally took an objective look at the cases. The right decision was ultimately made and all charges were dismissed.”

Omomowo did not speak during Tuesday’s brief hearing before Porter, and deputies needed to check for warrants and work through other clerical procedures before they could free him. But by the end of the day, Omomowo was a free man again.

The Broward State Attorney’s Office was working on a request for a memorandum outlining its reasons for dropping the case Tuesday.



Nellie King alongside her client, Olakunle Omomowo, and co-counsel Thomas Pavlinic, after successfully defending Omomowo on all Life felony charges in Broward County, Florida, January 2017. The client was immediately freed by the judge and walked out of the courthouse with counsel.