Competency, professionalism, and empathy

Competency, professionalism, and empathy are the characteristics of A-List attorneys. Nellie has demonstrated these character traits on all the extremely complex and demanding cases we have worked together throughout the years. Working with her as co-counsel is a pleasure since I know all the bases will be covered.

Thomas A. Pavlinic (Attorney)

She is a tenacious advocate for her clients and tirelessly fights to ensure they receive justice.

I am proud to endorse Nellie King. I have known Nellie for over 15 years and can attest to her superior skills as a preeminent criminal defense lawyer. Her tremendous work ethic and genuine concern for her clients have garnered the attention and respect of her peers. She has held numerous leadership positions in the criminal defense bar and is well known for the tremendous amount of time she dedicates to volunteer service to better her community and the entire state of Florida. She is a tenacious advocate for her clients and tirelessly fights to ensure they receive justice. Nellie’s compassion and legal acumen are a winning combination for her clients.

Todd Fronrath (Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey and Fronrath)

She goes above and beyond. I have to say nothing but great things about Mrs. Nellie King.

I have to say nothing to say but great things about Ms. Nellie King. I had an Injunction Order entered by my ex which was intentionally done to sabotage my relationship with my child. I hired Ms. King and she immediately started to work on my case that same day. I went to two hearing for my Injunction and I have to say she is very thorough in her preparation in getting all the facts of the case. She goes above and beyond her duties and does a lot of work behind the scene. Her litigation skills are impressive as she is very aggressive but with finesse. At the end of the hearing, the Injunction was dismissed and the judge pretty much told my ex that she was a liar. Ms. King is a lawyer that will represent your best interests. Ms. King represented me with dignity, respect, and zealousness at all times. She made me feel that everything was going to be okay. My family and I thank her very much and one day when my child is older I will make sure that my child thanks, Ms. Nellie. I also want to thank Anne her assistant for always hearing me out!

Former Client

Charles Mittelstadt (Criminal Defense Investigator)

Nellie is one of the most dogged, detailed, dedicated, and skilled advocates that I’ve had the pleasure of working with in my 30-year career. Prosecutors undoubtedly cringe upon her entry into the case. Any accused who retains her is guaranteed a top-notch fighter who will protect their legal rights.

A top-notch fighter who will protect their legal rights.

Nellie is a DEFENDER!

Being in trial with Nellie King galvanizes the reasons we choose to work for the accused. Nellie’s thorough preparation and a keen sense of anticipation allow her trial skills to adapt to the inevitable challenges in every trial. Nellie’s focused awareness of every detail in the courtroom enables her to take, in stride, the bully judge or the uncooperative, lying witness. Her concern for the turmoil of the client’s life, and its impact on their family, imbue every strategic decision she makes. Nellie is a DEFENDER!

Joe Guastaferro (Nationally Recognized Trial Consultant and Jury Selection Specialist)

She is a true leader and one of the fiercest advocates in the legal profession.

Attorney Nellie King is absolutely unstoppable in the courtroom. Her skill and technique are matched only by her will and her drive. She is not afraid to zealously defend her clients and never shies away from protecting their constitutional rights in a system that often forgets they exist. She is a true leader and one of the fiercest advocates in our profession.

Jessica Yeary (Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer & Public Defender Elect, Florida’s 2nd Judicial Circuit)

Nellie brings power and grace. She is the velvet hammer.

Sharp, tenacious, passionate, and totally committed to securing justice, Nellie King advocates tirelessly for her clients. Your case becomes her case. For years she has reached far and wide to secure legal research and experts to present the strongest ethical case possible. Nellie brings power and grace. She is the velvet hammer.

Leigh D. Hagan (Ph.D. Board-Certified Forensic Psychologist)

Ms. King truly cares about her clients and the outcome of their cases.

I hired Nellie King for my son on a few different occasions. Ms. King is very knowledgeable in criminal law, she is hardworking and caring. Ms. King truly cares about her clients and the outcome of their cases. She is highly respected by the Attorneys she works with. Between her knowledge, hard work, and respect she is able to get her clients the best possible outcome in their cases. Ms. King’s legal assistance & staff are also knowledgeable, caring, and return calls promptly. I would recommend to anyone looking for a criminal attorney to use Ms. King. She will definitely help you and your case.


Top-notch, caring, and highly respected.

My husband and I hired Nellie King to represent our son for his post-conviction release case five years ago. It’s extremely difficult to be granted a post-conviction release, and it can take years to reach this goal. We are delighted beyond belief to be able to say that Nellie is the reason our son is home with us today. After serving 6 years in prison (the first 3 being pre-Nellie), he was released from an unjust sentence of 25 years, thanks to Nellie’s expertise. She spent an enormous amount of time combing through his case, leaving no stone unturned. Because of her attention to detail, her impressive knowledge of the law, and her desire and drive to “right the wrong” that had been forced upon us by the system, our family is now reunited. Nellie accepted this challenge, represented our son fiercely in her trademark “pit bull” style, and won a landmark case in our county. Top-notch, caring, and highly respected are the qualities that come to mind when I think of Nellie King. Our family owes her a lifetime of gratitude. My only regret is that we didn’t find her sooner.

Brenda Benson

Attorney King was my voice in the courtroom.

I was facing 30 years in prison for sexual battery charges in connection to a crime I did not commit. The police, State Attorney’s Office, and the media attempted to convict me in the court of public opinion. I turned to my faith in God, and Attorney King was sent to be my voice in the courtroom. Her knowledge of the law, her courage while aggressively fighting for me, belief in my innocence and the ability to communicate with the jury were priceless in ensuring my freedom.

V.C., Former Client
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