West Palm Beach Expungement Lawyer

West Palm Beach Expungement Lawyer

Expungement Attorney in West Palm Beach, FL

Facing a conviction sentence can be one of the hardest things to handle. However, in many ways the punishment might last even after you have served your sentence, paid your fine, or completed your probation, as there will always be that mark on your record now. Having a criminal record can cause many complications and bar future opportunities for you and your family. For instance, you might have trouble:

  • Finding accommodation and rental housing
  • Living in certain areas
  • Traveling out of the country
  • Securing financial assistance
  • Obtaining a student loan or attending college
  • Finding employment
  • Renewing certain licenses

The good news is that there is a way to clear your record from misdemeanor and felony offenses; you can have your record sealed or expunged. The expungement process is not a simple one and requires significant time and attention, as well as certain paperwork.

A good expungement attorney like Nellie L. King can help you with this. Attorney King is an experienced West Palm Beach expungement attorney who can assess your case, determine if expungement is possible, and file all the paperwork necessary for you to move forward with your life, unburdened. She treats each of her clients like family, and will prioritize your well-being as she works with you one-on-one to build a compelling case for expungement.

expungement lawyer west palm beach fl

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Criminal Record Expungement Process in Florida

Rental companies, schools, employment agencies, and financial institutions all perform background and criminal record checks. As a result, you could lose important opportunities and credibility because your criminal record has a black mark on it. Even a minor offense can be viewed as a major problem, especially if you are competing with other applicants who have a clear record.

Expunging your record in Florida means that your criminal record will not be accessible to the public and thus helps you avoid losing opportunities to a past mistake. After expungement, you will have the same chance of success as someone with a clean record. You will no longer be required by law to disclose your criminal conviction to potential employers, schools, and financial institutions.

Note that to qualify for expungement, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Charges were never filed after your arrest
  • Your charges were dismissed in court
  • You went to trial but were found not guilty
  • You have completed a division program (for juvenile criminal charges)
  • You have successfully finished your probation
  • You do not have outstanding debt with the courts
  • A certain amount of time has passed since your conviction

Be aware that certain crimes cannot be expunged from your record, including:

Expunge or Seal Your Record in West Palm Beach, FL

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is responsible for accepting or denying expungement requests. Working with a qualified West Palm Beach record sealing lawyer gives you the best chance for success. Attorney Nellie L. King understands the expungement process and will work to ensure your record is sealed.

As a former public defender and a storyteller at heart, she will take care to hear your side of the story and represent your expungement request in a way that creates empathy around your situation. With Attorney King’s legal assistance, you can get the second chance you deserve.

Contact the Law Offices of Nellie L. King, P.A. at (561) 833-1084 or fill out an online form here for a free consultation with an expungement lawyer in West Palm Beach today.

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