West Palm Beach Post-Conviction/3.850 Hearings Lawyer

West Palm Beach Post-Conviction/3.850 Hearings Lawyer

West Palm Beach, FL Post-Conviction Attorney

Work One-On-One with a Compassionate Lawyer Dedicated to Your Case

Attorney Nellie L. King treats each client like family; she takes each case personally and seeks to represent her clients holistically, addressing all the facts of their situation to frame a compassionate and compelling case that creates empathy around their circumstances.

After all, each case is individual; there is no “one size fits all” solution for post-conviction relief, and Attorney King makes it a priority to understand her client and tell their individual story as she gets to know them and their case.

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Right to Post-Conviction Relief Following Ineffective Counsel

If you were represented by a West Palm Beach post-conviction lawyer with whom you are dissatisfied, and you were convicted and sentenced after a plea or trial while represented by this attorney, you may be entitled to relief under Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure 3.850 or 3.800.

This maintains that the judge can vacate your judgment and sentence if counsel was deemed to be ineffective, or in other words, if your criminal defense lawyer at the time failed to defend your case within the standards required under Florida law.

Examples of ineffective assistance of counsel include:

  • Failing to investigate your case
  • Failing to call essential witnesses
  • Failing to properly cross-examine witnesses
  • Failing to make significant objections
  • Failing to request applicable jury instructions and raise applicable defenses
  • Failing to communicate plea offers rendered by the state prior to trial
  • Providing affirmative misinformation about your case or the consequences of you entering a plea of guilty

Motions for post-conviction relief are often the last avenue of relief for defendants in Florida courts. Post-conviction issues are complex, requiring an in-depth review of the work done by previous counsel, as well as the development of a sound legal strategy designed to effectively show that the verdict result would have been different if trial counsel had not been ineffective. Post-conviction motions are also time-sensitive, as they must be filed within 2 years of the judgment in the case becoming final.

Filing for Post-Conviction Relief in West Palm Beach, FL

Attorney Nellie L. King has handled numerous motions for post-conviction relief in various courtrooms throughout the state of Florida, approaching these cases thoroughly and objectively. She takes each case personally and will frame a tenacious and compassionate case around the facts of your post-conviction situation.

As a former public defender and social warrior, Attorney King believes firmly in every person’s constitutional rights and seeks to create empathy around their situation. Everyone deserves post-conviction options, especially if they have received unfair and ineffective initial representation.

Contact the Law Offices of Nellie L. King, P.A. at (561) 833-1084 or online here if you need assistance in filing a post-conviction claim in Florida.

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